How It Works
Simple! Just follow these three easy steps!

Let us know who the song is to be written for. Is it your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, son, daughter, retiree, boss, etc?  Choose the style of music you want if it is an original tune you desire.Then fill out our contact form with as much information as you wish to share about them with us. Be specific or general, make it fun or serious. This is your song to them so the more personal the better!

Choose a package from our "packages and pricing" page. Do you already have lyrics that you just need put to a song? That would be the "Super Squeeze". Maybe your personalized song would work perfectly with one our tunes we've already laid out for you on the "Songsqueeze Samples" page. That would be a "Main Squeeze". A "Mighty Squeeze" is a personalized song that is written to a tune of your choice, and a "Supreme Squeeze" is a customized song with customized lyrics and music!

Pay your deposit. After we've received the contact form with the information you wish to share with to create your personalized song, we'll email you a bill to pay a deposit of $25 for Main, Super, and Mighty Squeeze. $75 for Supreme Squeeze.
When the personalized song is finished we'll contact you with the lyrics and the music to have you hear your creation. Only when you are completely satisfied and ready to receive your personalized song do you need to pay the remaining balance in full. Again, we'll just email you a bill. After payment is made, we'll ship off your personalized song along with lyrics, and personalized CD cover!
We accept paypal, check or money order. However we cannot move forward on the creation of your song, or send you your song until paypal payment has been made and/or the check or money order clears.

Song Squeeze reserves the right to refuse service to anyone wishing a hateful or derogatory song, as well as songs that go against our morals and values.
SONG SQUEEZE-give a custom gift of a song- create a memory that lasts forever!