Great!!! I love it! Thank you. I know I will be contacting again for more songs but I promise I won't wait so late! -Janet H., Texas

IT's PERFECT!! I cannot tell you how happy you have made me. This will be the BEST birthday gift ever!!!!- Terri M., New York

First impression: BRILLIANT!!- Mark K., Virginia

I called yesterday and talked to your wife. I wanted to let you know that I received the CD's! They are everything that I wanted and more!!!! Thank you sooooo much! I can't wait until I give this to Tommy!!! What a wonderful song!!!! : ) I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! - Tina N., Ohio

I just listened to the song again!!! I absolutely love it! It made me cry!!!! I can't wait to give this to Tommy!!!!! I love it! Its perfect!-Tina N., OH

Beautiful!- John, New York

We are all very excited about the song, we really think sava papi is going to like it. -Liat S., Illiniois

Thank you so much for the songs -- we LOVE them!!!! Brennan and I were absolutely cracking up listening to them together since the lyrics hit the nail on the head in so many ways. What an amazing wedding gift!- Lisa M.- Texas

It is so beautiful. It made me cry! - Chellie, Minnesota

I LOVE IT!- Pam H, Florida

I love it…. I love it. I love the song! OMG. I wanna go give it to her right now. Its 4am. -Karan, China

It made me laugh and cry all at the same time!-Dan S., Aliso Viejo, CA (50th birthday songsqueeze recipient)

The song was such a big hit, we've made it our themesong! Patricia S., Novi, MI (gave songsqueeze to sorority sisters at annual reunion)

Wow....I am in awe. I have not heard it with music but I already love it. -Barb G., VA

Thank you so much...She will love it! It is brilliant!- Gayle, So. Australia

Song went over so well, I can’t explain how touched Richard was. There was laughter and tears all night, as Richard and his sons played it over and over. By the end of the night (morning) we all knew the lyrics off by heart... It was the highlight of the entire party. Thanks again.

I cannot tell you what a fabulous present your songs make. Not many gifts create a party, and then keep on giving, long after the event. I’ll be touch as soon as I think of some else else worthy of such an amazing gift!! -Annie, Sydney Australia

Excellent job, Bill! Unbelievable! It sounds so great! Thanks so much!-B.B.K, Sacramento, CA

The  song was such a HUGE hit at our Christmas party tonight. Not sure how I'm going to top it, but I've got a good eleven months to figure out the next song!
Thanks again!! I hope you have a very blessed Christmas...- Kim- Louisville, KY

Fabulous! Better than I could have imagined, and it's going to be such a fun gift!
Kamini, San Francisco, CA (gave song for 60th birthday to relative in India)

This is amazing. I cannot believe we got it for the price you gave us. When I think of what we paid for the hall, dance lessons, cake, photographer .... this song is worth so much more. We love it! Thank you so much... Sandi S- Mesa, AZ (Quicineara for daughter)

thought you might like to see what we did with the song you produced for us. It was a big hit with family and friends. Thanks. We certainly will remember this for future celebrations.
Regards, Mark M- Pleasanton, CA (HS grad gift for son)

Perfect! Thanks, Bill. It is excellent… even got chuckles from my 15 year old who is too cool for school! -Beth, NY (Husband's 50th) 

 Thanks so much for the CDs. They arrived yesterday. Love the song. Really enjoyed working with you. Thanks for the speedy turnaround and clever spin on my boss Bob .-
Jake M- Philadelphia,  PA –(Song for boss leaving to new job)

Bill and Caroline...Your music rendition was the hit of the party. Thanks so much for such a great job. -Pat and Dave S- Novi, MI ( Modern Love- Wedding song for grandson)

Wow, this is absolutely brilliant. Really, really terrific.
Brent N- Elk Grove Village, IL-Space Oddity

It has been great fun working with you, and I am sure we have a hit on our hands (well, at least at one house!).Wishing you every continuing success,
Tom T.-Greenwich, CT (Wife's birthday to song "She Drives us Crazy")

This sounds great! Thanks for all & making another milestone B-DAY!
Karen B-Monterray Park, CA (for Aunt Bertha’s 70th birthday)

It’s great. Just great! Thanks so much! Aileen-Miami,FL (60th birthday of friend)

It sounds great! Thank you to everyone who worked on this. It will be the hit of the night, and probably talked about for a long time thereafter. Drew, K- Norwalk, CT (giving award to nephew)

Brady LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the song!!!!!!!! He was feeling better yesterday and even called me and sent me a bunch of text messages and sent a picture of him smiling. The CD's did arrive and I have a feeling that I will be ordering more.!! His mom told me that he keeps playing the song over and over again and plays it for the doctors/nurses when they come in his room. THEN, I told him that his next suprise was that HE got to help work on the next song about Chewy!! Loved that too.  THANKS again for putting a smile on an 8 year old boy who should NOT have to be going through what he is.  Denise E.-Annandale, MN 
(gave song to boy going through chemo for leukemia)